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Animals have instinct- guided behaviours which usually remain within set boundaries. Constellations show that for humans, being under the guidance of soul, exclusion is not tolerated, especially murder and what is seen as soul murder. Every great religion expresses the command not to kill.
And yet, human beings kill. Family constellations are about the effects of exclusion, be this exclusion milder or stronger. Certain kinds of murder are the strongest kind of exclusion, war being mass murder. Genocide has a horrendous effect in generations to come. The effects will only weaken when reconciliation is taking place, in a hertfelt way.

But many other actions and behaviours are excluding, and therefore carry consequences in a system, so in constellations we look for them and find in them the keys for the burdens that later generations have to carry, in forms of undecipherable symptoms:

A People having been through war experience and finding themselves unable to re-member all the horrors, of what they did, of what was done to them, of the suffering that they experienced themselves and witnessed in others, of the dying they could not prevent, of the dead they could not mourn, of the actions they could not regret.

 dead member of the family, or a dead victim of a family, not mourned- may be out of suppressed grief.
A family member pushed out of the family, may be because of what they did or believed or thought, or because of a disability.
A child given away, no matter what the reasons may have been.
Aborted children.
A family member not spoken about, an earlier partner not given a place.
Someone in the family not given the place that is rightfully theirs.

People in later generations will in some form feel the feelinfs of those who were xcluded or of those who excluded, and even of both sides.

One can usually relate directly the symptoms to a cause in an earlier generation.