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170 km, or 2 hours north of Brisbane
40 minutes north of Noosa
50 minutes south of Rainbow Beach
15 km east of Gympie
30 km as the crow flies from the Pacific Ocean
300 km south of the Tropic of Capricorn


Many  flights go directly to Brisbane.
From Brisbane's airports the Bus and the Sky train go straight to the Roma Street Transit Centre.
From there, trains and busses go to Gympie.
(see timetable below)
From Gympie we pick our guests up. 

If you plan hiring a car up here, you can also consider flying to Maroochydore. (see map)
Below  in red  the Bruce Highway coming up from Brisbane with two choices for turning off to Gayatri, either near Pomona or in Gympie.
Please contact us if you'd like more information

Coming from the south by car, you have 3 easy options:

1. )  You can come as far as the outskirts of Gympie. When you see some petrol stations there is a big sign to Tin Can Bay,  Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island turning right. Follow the signs out of town. You are on Tin Can Bay road then. until you see the Cedar Pocket turn-off.
2. )  Or you come into town as far as the second traffic light in Gympie.  At the next intersection at  Kentucky Fried turn right until you come to a t-junction. Turn left here. A little later you cross the railway lines and you are on the Tin Can Bay Road. 
About 4 km later on Tin Can Bay road there is the sign to turn right into Cedar Pocket Road. It's  10 km to the  Cedar Pocket Dam. You come over a wooden bridge, Gear's bridge and soon you see the dam wall to the right and a little later Gayatri's letterbox to the left.
3. ) During the day it's a nice but a little windy drive turning off the highway at Pioneer Road north of the Cooroy turn-off. The turn-off is soon after the highway has gone up the hill for a while.
It's not far to Pomona. Drive straight through town,  cross the railway lines and then turn left. Keep going all the way to Kin Kin and make sure you go  through the township, leaving the pub on your right.
The only tricky bit is about 4 km later. You come up a steep hill on a windy road, and on top of the mountain you have to turn left, not into Neusavale road.  There is a sign saying Gympie. Follow that.
Another 10 km, and you see the Cedar Pocket Dam. Cross the bridge, and up the hill a bit. When you see the dam again on the left hand side, look for Gayatri's letterbox on the right hand side.


Gayatri's letterbox


Trains northbound Dep. Roma Street Brisbane Arrive Gympie
City Train- no booking needed 

all other trains do:

 5.30 pm
 5.25 pm
11.05 am
8.25 pm
8.19 pm
2.03 pm
arrive Gympie
Tilt Train- Mon, Wed, Fri 6.25 pm 9.02 pm
Tue + Sat  1.40 pm  5.04 pm
Spirit of Capricorn Sat  7.30 am 10.35 am
Spirit of the outback
6.25 pm
1.10 pm
11.05 pm
5.50 pm


Sun, Tue
8.55 am
1.25 pm
12.35 pm
 4.55 pm
Trains southbound Depart  Gympie Arr. Roma St
City Train Mo-Fri
 6.00 am
 6.00 am
 9.06 pm
 4.00 pm
 8.52 am
 8.50 am
11.48 pm
  7.00 pm
City Train Depart from Cooroy only Arr. Roma St
Mo-Fri 1.35 pm  3.46 pm
Tilt Train Mo,Thur, Sat
 6.32 am
 9.35 am
Sunlander Tue, Fri, Sun 12.24 pm  3.55 pm
Tue, Sat  1.40 pm  5.04 pm
Sat  7.30 am 10.35 pm