the love 
of God

moving with the love of god
moving with spirit

In September 2004  Bert invited to: (my translation)

"Moving with the Love of God" describes an experience which is accessible to every human being. For every human being can experience within what effect it has when we turn to everything, no matter how it may be. This turning to everything as it is, comes from recollection. It also derives from the insight that the same creative movement has to be at work in everything that it moves. And therefore, it is equally turned towards everything that it moves and how it moves it. Therefore, nothing that is moved by the creative movement call fall out of its care.
What it is, that moves everything, remains hidden to us. Therefore, it also remains hidden whether we may call it God, and whether we may ascribe this movement to God's Love. Nevertheless, this image joins the experience with a content that makes it precious for us. But still, it does not add anything to it as such. It does not take away anything either, provided we remain purely in the experience. It is simply the experience of an inner movement that effects something.
At first, it effects something in us. It is an experience of love, that is turned to everything, without interfering in its movement in any way, not out of a wish, or out of pity, nor out of fear. (and I presume, not out of compassion either, A.S.) For it is not a movement of its own, but the devoted surrender to another movement, that, as if from outside, takes hold of us inside. Therefore, it is in unison with all other movements, by which everything in this world is seized, and in unison with the direction it takes. Going with this movement, we therefore move inside first, into unison with this movement, without moving by ourselves. We let ourselves be taken by this movement, and remain in this movement, collected, without a movement of our own.
Going with the Love of God is therefore not an acting love. This other love takes action, not our own. And yet, going with the Love of God has far reaching consequences.
First, it bestows insight on us. For the going with the Love of God leads us on to a path of knowledge. We come to understand where its movement goes to: first, for ourselves, second, for others personally, third, for a group in which conflict exists. Because, going with the Love of God, we are turning towards all people equally, we can receive the insight about what is appropriate for all. That means, we find the hint, which holds all in the movement of the Love of God and which joins them to each other as well as towards an appropriate common goal.
Yet this does not mean that we have to share the insights. Often it suffices that we have it. As all are moved equally by this movement, this insight does not require imparting.
But sometimes, when circumstances necessitate it, we are only going with the Love of God, when we speak our insight. When this speaking comes from the going with the Love of God, it leads the others also to their own going with the Love of God and to their own recollection. In this, there is instant detachment from the one said it, and this person moves out of the other's focus. All remain in their own movement, their Going with the Love of God, without encroaching on one another. They remain single individuals and yet, are connected in love.