moving with the love of god
moving with spirit



"REmain in the great love"
This is Bert's advice in the face of difficulties.

Since 2003 Bert has spoken about the "Great Love". 
It is the state he encourages the constellation practitioners and all the helping professions to be in, as the way to practice constellation work, 
and in fact, all professional help.
And of course, it is the attitude which is suggested to every participant. 
In reality it is what every true religion has always encouraged us to do:

Search for the love which is greater 
- the love that sees not only the problem, but also the solution 
- the love which sees not only the suffering, but the gifts hidden in it
- not only the blind love which demands that we keep on suffering old unhealed pains 

Love is the healer. The Great Love is the Great Healer.

The Great Love is there for all, equally.

Recent German introductions and comments by Bert, translated by me (Angelika), follow below

Much of Bert's present work is centred around that, to present to the healing professions his view of the difficulties of clients. He always looks at the system of connectedness, in which the client exists, not at the isolated individual. 

I have called the page "Greater Love" to avoid the confusion with a great personal love, and to avoid the misunderstanding that the "great love" is something static, something fixed. It is always that which we feel unable to expand into, which may make us cramp up even more. It is always the next step ahead of us on the journey into love and within love.
In the greatest shock, the greatest catastrophe, we are encouraged to look further than what our immediate agony may dictate, with the strength of the most inescapable instincts. Our bodies freeze, and large parts of our souls freeze, and the attitudes that we carry much later, even generations later, still relate to the horror once experienced. 
Gradually, we can apply our heart-mind to venture beyond, not into escape, but into inclusion.

This love is not nurtured or gained by outer evidence, and to share the transcending of a smaller love is a blessing. Here we gain the sense of "community", first within our families, and finally on our little planet. 

People who are willing to commit to this relentless teacher, to take on the hard task of taming emotions and attitudes alike, are  moving closer to their capacity of "community".
People who take the Great Love seriously and consider the Great Love to be the path of conscious evolution, become community-able.

Thanks to the blessing of the Great Love, enough humans have already committed themselves, so we are fortunate to be able to find examples and encouragement. The taming is still an arduous task, but great are the rewards.

About an aspect that assists us in this taming, I am talking on the page "trauma healing".

The Great Love is the field which gives us the truth that is deeper and wider than the one we had before. Any suffering that we are going through whilst "remaining in the Great Love" yields great jewels.

Bringing great pain, unbearable conflict into the presence of the Great Love, resisting our instinctual reactions, holding the pain and holding Love at the same time, has a transforming effect. It opens up a further dimension for us. A bit like perceiving the picture in the depth of a 3-D image. We can feel our whole existence within this extended  space. Regrets give way to awe and to a joy where we least expected it.
To overcome the lower reactions, to remain in Love at any price, changes us profoundly. As if different laws come into operation, a certain aspect of gravity is suspended. We move more freely, into more directions, simply on the gravity line of love. The field in which we operate is no longer the same. The one we used to operate in still exists but it does no longer have the same hold on us.

Bert emphasizes the importance of understanding conscience here. You find his article on conscience in translations.htm. 


Bert calls the step into the beyond  "Moving with Spirit", and we dare not define this. A reflection of it in us could perhaps be called  "moving with Mind" (if we understand "Mind" in the Chinese meaning where raw, dissipated emotions have been fused into the aspects of love, so that heart and thought and action have become one, in harmony with the field within which they exist. At the same time, there is an impersonal quality bout it. Now the field moves this unified energy, with happy , yet somewhat detached cooperation of the soul. And the soul opens to the directions and instructions of the field and understands itself as an aspect of it.



So, in constellations we start with "small problems, seemingly personal or jst within the family. After some experiences, we begin to see that even our relatively small symptoms can often be traced to quite painful events in the past. When they are healed on the level of the soul, we no longer need to experience the symptom.

And we simply make ourselves available to the Great Love. We leave our ideas behind.

The early images show the disconnectedness and the suffering of people. Then we begin to see what the suffering is connected to. Often, when we are on unfamiliar ground, and in the face of large scale catastrophe, such as war, we may not know how to go on. The immediate image may appear hopelessly frozen. We re-experience the despair of the people who actually were in that situation. Then we need to remind ourselves again:

To every conflict the Great Love has a solution.

To every pain the Great Love has a remedy.

To every disruption of love the Great Love shows the ties that are deeper and can be recovered.

No matter how great the despair, there is a Love that is Greater and that can contain it.

Of course, healing may take  a long time, and it requires that we give up something that was in the way. such as the need to be right, to know better, to accuse, to want revenge.

But we come to see how the other people - and we ourselves - are caught in events much bigger than us, that we are all caught up in unconscious connections to which we unknowingly,  blindly respond. This begins to help us and the people we are involved in, to open up. Step by step we can melt, have greater insights, and in the end, want peace and respect for all more than what we experienced before. All all sacrifices become small in the face of that which allows goodwill, respect, cooperation, and love that lacks the counterpart of hate.